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امیر ارجمند

امیر ارجمند

CEO Of Vdeko

مدیر عامل هلدینگ ویدکو<div>سوابق تحصیلی :</div><div>فوق لیسانس BIS&nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="letter-spacing: 0px;">(انگلستان)</span></div><div>&nbsp;فوق لیسانس Green Roof Technology&nbsp;<span style="letter-spacing: 0px;">(انگلستان)</span><span style="letter-spacing: 0px;">&nbsp;</span></div><div>&nbsp;فوق لیسانس Brand Management (انگلستان)</div>

“ هدف اصلی ما ، کار کردن برای کسب درآمد نیست ،

هدف لذت بردن از کار در راستای ایجاد بستر های مناسب برای آیندگان و نجات طبیعت است .

انسان مخلوقی بر گرفته از دل طبیعت است ، و فقدان آن باعث کاهش سطح کیفی سبک زندگی برای کلیه ساکنین جاندار این کره خاکی می باشد. ”

مونا رضایی

rArchitecture's Manage

مدیر آتلیه طراحی و مدیریت گروه آرشیتک ها 

In addition, since 2008 Mr. Frost has served as CEO of Konsta’s Civil Group. He originally joined the company's predecessor, Konstra-Bilis, in 1998.

“ We were sinning by writing or reading or studying less than our assigned lessons. For I did not, O Lord, lack memory or capacity, for, by thy will, I possessed enough for my age. However, my mind was absorbed only in play, and I was punished for this by those who were doing the same things themselves. ”
مونا رضایی
حسین حاج حیدری

حسین حیدری

Administration Manager

مدیرت بخش اجراییات 


Previously, she held several other executive leadership positions during her 25-year career with BR psk and Amiro Corp. (which was acquired by BR in 1998), including Chief Operating Officer of BR Charos from January 2005 to June 2007, Director General of BR Vietnam, from 2003 to 2004, and various other international engineering and managerial positions.
“ In civil business: what first? boldness; what second and third? boldness. And yet boldness is a child of ignorance and baseness, far inferior to other parts. ”

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David Reed
David ReedChief Engeneering Officer
حسن پناهنده
حسن پناهنده تیم باغبانی 
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امیر حسین هداییتیم اجرایی
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