Environment is a global concern and in order to ensure a healthy ecological balance the priority is to make the world green and clean. The responsibility does not end with planting a sapling, you need to nurture it to maturity by undertaking proper measures.

Get back to nature is a way of life that you need to adapt to . making the world green by re planting the Roofs and walls, which they where  green long times a go , can be the answer to global warming challenges as far as construction methods are concerned . We have to change our behavior today   Through small changes in  our  daily routine in order to get back the nature to the mother earth .   

The world has accepted the alarming reality of Climate Change and is adapting itself to new Face of earth which we can see very where. But the world never be like this long time ago, not even 50 years ago. the world was green , clean and nature ,  and we have been taken the best part of the earth characteristic “Green nature” .  

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now". - Chinese Proverb

Tree plantation is one of the most consequential ways to combat the escalating environmental pollution. Several factors have contributed over the years to bring about the crisis that we are facing today.

About Vdeko Green

Vdeko Green team provides a General Green design-build approach rooted in genuine Green building knowledge and quality craftsmanship. We prioritize ongoing communication with building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers. With a passion for ecological design, attention to look at detail, and long-lasting customer care, Vdeko Green goal on every project is to stand the test of time. 

The Vdeko Green is a global Green and nature Oriented company with the mission of , transforming the places we live, work, play and learn to better and most clean and nature.

We believe green world can and must be at the center of our lives. Our changing climate means we must reshape the way we grow and build, enabling people to thrive both today and tomorrow.

We take action - championing local and global leadership, and empowering our Idea  to drive change. Together.

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   A Bout Vdeko Green Roof Section

The Vdeko Green is a well-established roofing
contractor with offices based all around the World. We have many years’ experience and have built up a reputation for delivering a first-class quality product in the installation of leading guaranteed green roof systems.
We have big list of client base being both in the public and private sector ranging from the individual, small businesses, medium and large size organizations, through to multinational enterprises with our aim being to deliver the most appropriate long-lasting solution to their roofing problem.
Vdeko Green is a reputable supplier with a broad product range of products and system solutions for green roofs, including do-it-yourself materials.



What Is Green Roof and Roof garden:

green roof or living roof is a roof of a building or other part of the building which is not located on the ground directly and that is partially or completely covered with growing medium, planted over a Green Roof Layering system . this layering system mostly is including water proofing layer, Root barriers, drainage, filtering layer and irrigation system. Green roofs serve several purposes for a building, Such as both ecological and economical. Green Roofs have many more benefits …  

But should be concentrated that, roof is a very different environment from a garden at ground level. In fact, you’ll Should get professional help from Vdeko Green Expertise.

Benefits of building a rooftop garden:

  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Reduce your air-conditioning costs
  • Reduce your heating costs
  • Create habitat for birds, butterflies and bees
  • Make the Building environment more Practical.
  • Improve air quality
  • Allow you to create many facilities for your building
  • Improve your Building creadit.

What makes designing roof gardens different?

First, understanding the contracture behavior, consider the climate on a roof and which is more severe than on the ground, is root penetrating issue and quite windy and plant and other obstacle calculation.

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Different Types of Green Roofs


Extensive Green Roof Details

Extensive Green Roof

Lighter weight, Lower cost Installation, Lower maintenance cose are some of this type of green roof Advantages . Our Specific Living Roof Layering system is one of best solution for all kind of Extensive green roofs. We guaranteeing long lasting quality Extensive green roof right from the start.


Semi-Intensive Green Roof

 Semi-Intensive Green Roof

In Semi-Intensive Green roof , it is possible to use both Extensive and Intensive Green roof together . it is possible to use most of shrubs , Plants , grassed and selected trees . Regular maintenance is required – watering, fertilizing and weeding. Vdeko Provide all Essential Products for Semi-Intensive Green Roof Projects.


Intensive-Green Roof

Intensive Green Roof

A variety of shrubs and Plants, grassed areas and selected trees can be used a greater depth of soil. Regular maintenance is required – watering, fertilizing and weeding. This type of green roofing is typically built for recreational use . Vdeko Provide all Essential Products for Semi-Intensive Green Roof.


Pitch green roof

Pitch Green Roof

On the contrary of Flat roofs (2°) , Pitched roofs start with a slope of 10°. the green roof system build-up differs significantly from system build-ups over 10°. Shear forces increase with the roof slope and have to be transferred into stable beams. Vdeko Provide Specific Solution for this type of roofs. and that’s depend the degree of the roof.


Vdeko Green Production technology and Development?

Vdeko Green produces Several systems for all type of green roofs, from extensive to fully intensive green roofs. Our smart Layering systems combine the various functional layers for a utility roof construction in different type of products.

Why Choose Our Green Roof Team?

Vdeko Green systems are unique in design and function.  It is intended to last indefinitely, grow healthy-sustainable plants, complement the architecture, and function in concert with all roofing systems

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What Is Green Wall: 

Green Wall or Vertical garden is Turning wasted walls into vertical living gardens which can be Installed both inside and out of your home or office. 

It is Possible to convert any unused vertical into a Green wall. So, A green wall is comprised of plants grown in supported vertical systems that are generally attached to an internal or external wall

All Types Vdeko Green Of Vertical Garden


Cable Wall

(cable base Grow Walls)

cable are uses supporting structures and climbing plants that will trail along the structure with soil at the base of the wall. In this vertical garden method Plants are rooted at the base of these structures, in the ground.

Pot Base Green Wall

Pot Wall

 (Pot Base Green wall)

this type of green wall are makes by specific pots  . The Pot Based Wall is an easy-to-install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system with a choice of mounting, planting density and growth media options


Box Wall

(Boxed base Grow Walls)

cable are uses supporting structures and climbing plants that will trail along the structure with soil at the base of the wall. In this vertical garden method Plants are rooted at the base of these structures, in the ground.


Moss Green Wall

 Moss Wall

(Decorative  Walls)

this types of walls are provide for decorative perpose inside . these types of green wall do not need sun light or water and the maintenance is easy for this types of wall . how  ever this type needs Moisture